Restaurant Review: Tok Tok Kitchen Takapuna

It was a busy Friday in Takapuna. A long week of work, gym and rain had made the bustling streets, restaurants, and bars packed with people looking for a way to let go. Amongst those people were 4 young professionals: a Computer Engineer called Duncan, a Sky TV Executive called Cole, a Sales Manager called Justine, and a Sales Assistant called Charlotte (me). It had been a very busy week for all of us, I have only had one day off since last Thursday, Justine had to secure a big sale, Cole had spent all week filming sports, and Duncan had been traipsing into the city each day for Microsoft training. What we needed was good food, good drinks, and great company. Our preferred choice? A new restaurant in Takapuna known as Tok Tok Kitchen.

None of us had been here before, and it certainly wasn’t cheap ($245 for four people!). But, my God is it worth it.This Asian fusion restaurant, mainly comprising of Thai and Vietnamese origin caters to all tastes – all delicious! First piece of advice. Book a table. We always book tables even if we think we don’t need to. Thank goodness we did, as we were seated straight away. Other people, however, had to wait for over half an hour for a table. Once seated we ordered cocktails, I had the Lychee cocktail because I am obsessed with Lychee. It was certainly delicious and had a whole frozen lychee in it to help keep the drink cold. Justine ordered the “Little Miss Saigon” cocktail, which looked scrumptious. At $16 each they were certainly worth the money. The guys ordered Asian beers. The beer and wine list were pretty good – offering mostly Asian beers on tap and everything else bottled.

We each ordered a starter which we shared,  these are what is called “small dishes”. We had Kingfish Sashimi, Chicken and Clam Dumplings, Kaffier Lime Chicken and Lamb Bites. Each was delicious, spicy and perfectly prepared. The starters came very quickly, which meant we all had time to sample each of the dishes while chatting away and drinking our cocktails. They were exquisitely prepared. The sashimi (ordered by Cole) had big pieces of orange and a chili jam that nipped the tongue. The dumplings were steamed and soft in the middle, but crispy on the outside. Each dish was perfect. Then we ordered mains, and once again shared them. You could order one main each if you wanted to, but I don’t think you would need it. The portion sizes are very generous. We ordered the Duck Pad Thai, the Sweet and Sour Pork Belly, and the Lamb Green Curry, with one side of rice. This was honestly some of the best Asian food I have had, each dish arrived hot, fresh and tasty. The Pork Belly was probably the table favourite – but I had a soft spot for the slow cooked lamb in the Green Curry. Just delicious.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is great. They owners have taken what was a crappy old steak bar and turned it into a modern Asian style restaurant. The tables all have tiles inlaid into them, and the crockery shows Chinese and South Asian symbols. All the wait staff were very friendly and made us extremely welcome despite how busy they were. Busy it certainly was. It was packed!! Definitely not one to walk in. BOOK!

In short, if you’re looking for fantastic Asian food, a great atmosphere and good staff Tok Tok is the place to go – make sure you put it at the top of your list next time you’re in Takapuna.



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