Is blood really thicker than water? 

Is blood really thicker than water?For a while now, I’ve been having trouble with family. First my extended family were passive aggressive when we moved to New Zealand from England 14 years ago. Then a family feud has occurred for 5 years between my mother and her sister… over something so stupid I actually can’t even recall it. And now, my own sister won’t speak to me, because she doesn’t like Duncan, and believes I have wronged her in some way, she’s also angry that I moved out of home to pursue my own life and thinks I am stuck up…things are strained to say the least…
“Blood is thicker than water” they say. Implying that regardless of what they say or do, you should always choose family over all others. But in my case, that means choosing between the love of my life, or consistent family arguments. I guess I have it easy in comparison to others. Some people suffer abuse, theft and being chucked out… they are faced with homelessness, or being beaten. All I’m faced with is a grumpy 18 year old. Small in comparison. But no less painful.
Why do we say that blood is thicker than water? There are people in my life, who I am not even related to, that treat me better, and act like real family. These people are “water” but they act like blood. Then there are those who are blood that act more watery than Niagra Falls. Family isn’t about what blood runs through your veins, it’s about how you treat someone. About how quickly you fix problems, about how you support each other, about how you don’t get jealous or act cruel when something doesn’t go your way.
I have found more family in neighbours, colleagues, uni friends and flatmates than I have experienced in some of my blood relatives. Blood may be thicker than water… but I know which one I would rather drink. 


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