Suits are to women, what lingerie is to men…

I work in a lingerie store, a brilliant place that caters for all tastes, styles and body types. I have to say I am rather obsessed with lingerie… matching sets, baby doll chemise, lace body suits, sheer body suits, crotchless panties, suspender belts, stockings… you name it and I’ve probably got it! I love feeling beautiful, sexy, fresh lingerie against my skin… and that look my man gets in his eyes when I’m wearing it. It is something else. Men love lingerie. There are whole sections on porn websites dedicated to lingerie, and a stripper friend once told me a man paid her $100 to take off her stockings and put them back on again… FOR HALF AN HOUR! There is something about lingerie that drive men wild. What is it exactly? 

Something occurred to me today. When a guy and his girlfriend were picking out lingerie, the guy proclaims “there isn’t exactly a guy version of lingerie is there? That got me to thinking… no there isn’t really… not in a universal way. I mean, a shirtless guy wearing Calvin Klein boxers does it for me. But not for every girl. Yet lingerie, of any kind, does it for men… why?

Because lingerie is like a present to unwrap. For girls, that present is pretty much unwrapped the second the shirt comes off a mans back. It’s not the same, it does not envoke that same sense of anticipation that lingerie does. There is one thing, however… that does.

A well tailored suit. To most women, a well tailored suit, hugging in all the right places, installing prestige, and sex appeal, cannot be understated. It has to be a good suit, well fitting. But once it has been achieved, there is nothing sexier. It makes us want to rip the suit off and have our men right there! Perhaps it’s a James Bond type fantasy… but trust me, in a well tailored suit, any man becomes sexy. He becomes more than the suit. He becomes to us, what we become to them, when wearing lingerie…

Drop dead gorgeous 


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