Restaurant Review: Birkenhead Brewing Company

It had been a manic Christmas and New Year period, and after over a month of hardly seeing each other, 5 flat mates decided to go out for dinner and drinks to a local legend. 

The Birkenhead Brewing Company, situated in the heart of the village, has been Birkenhead’s premier pub for over 50 years! The old building, with traditional beer garden and collection of craft beers has always been popular, but only recently has it become widely known. Due to the interest in “hipster” and craft beers in Auckland.

We easily booked a table for 5 at 8pm, and rowdily arrived at 7.45. The staff were cheery and very entertaining, as well as the Doctor Who and BBC references throughout the place (BBC = Birkenhead Brewing Company).

We sat outside in the beer garden, ordering from the large selection of craft beers and ciders. Emily had a bottled Pilsner; typical southlander Jordan ordered the equivalent of a speights, Duncan and I both ordered a heart apple cider and Tina, the sober driver had a lovely lemon Lime and bitters. The prices were great, only being $8-$10 a glass for the craft stuff. In the central city this could set you back $17-$20. We were certainly very pleased. 

The selection of food was a mixture of classic Kiwi pub grub and some gastronomy Mediterranean dishes. Jordan, Emily and Tina ordered a beef burger with hand cut fries. The burgers were filled with beetroot, cheese, lettuce and relish. They looked delicious! And certainly went down a treat with the hungry crowd. Duncan ordered beer batter onion rings, slow cooked sticky pork ribs and garlic pita breads with salad. I ordered honey grilled chicken with salad and hand cut fries. The food was superb, all very well cooked, and tasted fresh. Due to the way the pub was small, it made the food feel “home cooked” and was certainly an enjoyable way to eat out. 

The atmosphere was fantastic. We sat out in the sunny beer garden surrounded by other punters. We were loud and silly, and nobody gave us funny looks or told us to be quieter. It was a jolly atmosphere! 

After a great meal, and 5 full flat mates, we paid the bill equating to about $35pp, more for others who had had extra drinks. It was a budget, tasty night out.

I cannot recommend this place enough. They offer games and TV viewings, and popcorn for kids, as well as brilliant craft beers and great prices! 

4.5/5 highly recommended 

Would definitely visit again


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