A MODERN WOMAN’S GUIDE TO MODERNITY: How to be a successful, well-rounded modern woman in today’s society – without losing your integrity and individuality – Part One

What is a modern woman?Image result for a modern woman

I have read thousands of books about womanhood and femininity. From acting Parisian, and dressing for your body shape to books about fashion and the successful seduction of men… they all seem to be alluding to different messages and lifestyles. There was nothing definitive that was helping me or other women to navigate our way through the complicated modern world.

Why, you may ask, am I writing another book just like all the others? If they’re so unhelpful, and so contradictory, why add to the ever conflicting and complicated collection out there? Well, when I started to write this book, I had just finished reading another book of the same ilk (How to be Parisian Wherever You Are), I put it down and realised that half the things written in that book and thousands of others like it were completely irrelevant to most women. They stripped the reader of individuality and put her into a box. They did nothing to address healthy eating, body image or exercise. If they did address these things, it missed completely on elements of fashion or beauty. If it addressed fashion and beauty, it often skipped over relationships… and relationship advice was either completely abysmal and acted like men were objects to collect, or brushed over it with the concept we don’t need one? So confusing. I sat there, on my sofa, feeling discontent with the way yet another book had turned out, and realised “why am I complaining about this? I can change it”.

I know what it is to be a modern woman. I know what it is to be a student, to have a career, to negotiate the dating world, the gym and fashion. I know what it is to want to scream at your sister, shoot yourself for having a cheat day with food, and question why your friend can eat a whole Big Mac and stay skinny. I know what it’s like to be poor and want to go to the movies. I understand the problems of being hated on for my beliefs and trying to live life how I want! I understand and know what it is to constantly be freaking out, but keeping it together all at once! I know what it’s like to be in a relationship, to be a working woman, a lover and a good friend. Like so many women reading this, I am a modern woman.

But, I am not going to make this book about “being like me” or “my way or the highway”. I am going to explain to women in the modern day how to cultivate a sense of self, how to be themselves while working through the wilderness of modernity. To take all the good bits and throw out all the bad bits. Because really; what is a modern woman?

She is a woman in touch with the modern world. She works with problems, overcomes obstacles and isn’t caught up in the stupidity of celebrity or the “next big thing”. She has her own way of doing things, but knows how to be healthy and strong. Yes, things are hard! But she doesn’t have break downs because they’re glamorous, she doesn’t cheat on her boyfriend because it’s “cool” to do so… she knows her way and goes with it. In this sense… the modern woman can be anyone… it can be a young mother of two, a PhD student, a checkout girl at the supermarket, or a model, she can be a hardcore gym enthusiast, or a dedicated vegan, she can be single, or she can be in a relationship! The point is taking ownership of your womanhood, and making your own way through modern life…

The point of this book is to help you… to give you advice on how to deal with unbearable days at the office, how to explain to your parents what job you are doing, how to work with a real relationship, how to be healthy, but also glamorous… basically everything you want to know… but teaching you to do it in your own way.

I hope this book is helpful, and interesting, and becomes the only book you need, when looking for advice on your life…

You don’t have to be perfect… you’ve just got to be the perfect version of yourself.


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