Gun laws in America – time to make a change

How many more killings, shootings, and gun related crimes is it going to take before America realises there is something seriously wrong with its gun laws. 26 people died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of 2012 (including 20 children). Since May 21st of this year, there have been 25 Mass Shootings. In those 25 shootings ALONE 29 people have been killed, and 98 injured! In less than a MONTH, more people have been killed or injured in America by a mass shooting, than in the last 50 YEARS in New Zealand.

Many Americans claim their right to bear arms under the Constitution and Second Amendment. Let us not forget that this was written in 1790, just after the American War of Independence. Times were very volatile. The land was still be squabbled over. It suited the American government to arm all it’s citizens when they could, in order to protect the land they had fought 7 years to claim. Times have changed, and so have laws. In 1790 it was legal to own slaves, Native Americans were not considered citizens, women did not have the vote, it was illegal to be homosexual, and the United States was still divided. We no longer follow any of these laws, and the America is United. Why should the USA still be following the law of their “right to bear arms” when all other laws have disappeared? Why is it ok to cherry pick the laws? Once upon a time in Britain, every person of wealth would carry a sword. Disagreements were settled through a pistol duel, and young women were used as bartering tools for marriage. We don’t follow these laws anymore. Why have the laws changed? Because the times have changed. We have progressed as a people, therefore so have our laws.

There are many that may argue, “I could kill you with a hammer, a knife, a frying pan” or “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Yes, you certainly could kill me with any other object. But a gun is much easier. It is easier to hide behind a gun and shoot me than it is to go up to a bunch of people and bludgeon them with a hammer. Guns make the crimes more accessible and much simpler to perform. As for guns don’t kill people, people kill people… well yes, that is correct. But the gun certainly helps.

Compared with the rest of the civilised world, American gun deaths are 10 times more! In South Korea, where guns are banned COMPLETELY and inaccessible unless you’re in the armed forces, the total deaths, of civilians, by guns is 0%. ZERO. In Spain, it is 0.6%. In Britain, it is 0.2%. In Australia, it is 1%. In the USA it is 10%. TEN PERCENT OF ALL NON-HEALTH RELATED DEATHS IN THE USA ARE GUN RELATED. To top this off, South Korea rates #1 in the world for Education, Britain rates 6th, while America is only, 14th. Lack of guns leads to lack of gun deaths, is in direct correlation with better education.

Still, think American Gun Laws are fine as they are? I certainly do not. How many more massacres is it going to take before Americans realise and change? How many more needless will occur before the USA wakes up? Guns do not protect you. You’re not in the Wild West anymore. It is time to WAKE UP.

Then again… what more can we expect from a country that voted in Donald Trump?







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