Hen and Stag Parties: Outdated and outrageous?

Last night my partner went to his mates Stag Party. They had to dress the Groom up in ridiculous clothing, had beer tasting and watched the rugby (all perfectly acceptable stag activities). Then the stripper arrived. She not only got naked in front of everyone, but encouraged the Groom to do so too, who was very excited about this (it was obvious if you get my drift). All in all, a boys night of celebrating turned into drunken debauchery.

I have never understood why people feel the need to get a stripper for Stag and Hen parties. They’re not selected by the Bride or Groom. It’s always the Best Man or Maid of Honour who organises the Stag and Hen parties. Yet they always seem to get a stripper. I hate this. You’re meant to be celebrating your friend committing themselves to one person in traditional monogamy, and you celebrate this by getting a stripper? Or a prostitute? You would never do this on a normal night out, why the week or two before their wedding, do the friends feel it is appropriate to get a stripper or prostitute? To me it is cheap, dirty, disgusting and basically cheating. I don’t care if they’ve paid for it, you’re still getting excited or getting naked or even doing things to someone who isn’t your future husband or wife. Not only that, the members of the Hen and Stag are basically downing on monogamy (and let’s be honest, it’s usually the single ones who organise strippers), and even saying that marriage is the end of “freedom” or “no sex after the honeymoon”… What is up with that??? Not cool. 

Another thing I can’t stand about Hen and Stag parties is the fact you can only invite one sex to them. I have a lot of male friends, and it would feel wrong celebrating without them! Why should we have to give up half our friends because of some outdated tradition? 

The concept of dressing up stupidly, acting drunken around the town, for no reason, is so pointless in my opinion. Why do we even do it? We are meant to be celebrating our friends or family members getting married, they’re committing their life to one person, and we see this as an excuse to act like a complete drunken idiot, do things that we never would do, and just generally make a fool of ourselves… For what? 

Why not celebrate the person, their interests? Why not take them out for dinner, to get their nails done, for karaoke? Why not have a sleepover? Why not go to a sports match? Why this need for idiocy? And whyyyyyyy this obsession with strippers? 

I will not be doing anything of the sort at my Hen party… And I certainly won’t be happy if my partner has a stripper at his. He wouldn’t either, he isn’t like that. 


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